Ram Seal & Bearing Repair Kits are sold to replace the internal hydraulic seals, and bronze inside all standard Lange Lift Tables. Whether it’s a manual, electric, battery, or air power operated hydraulic lift table, these kits are universal across all models. Seals and bearings should be checked periodically for normal wear, and replaced as needed. Particularly dirty use environments may require more attention than normal operating environments.

Ram Seal & Bearing Repair Kits are available in 1,000 lb., 2,000 lb., 3,000 lb., 4,000 lb., and 5,000 lb. capacity variants. You must use only genuine Lange Lift Parts to ensure proper fit, and function.  The capacity of your table is listed on the serial number tag to the left of the foot pump, as you’re facing it. If you’re still not sure which kit is right for your table, please call or email customer service and we will be happy to help. Having the serial number of your table available will make identifying your table much easier.

If you have a modified or custom table, or you aren’t sure which part is the right one for your table, please call customer service at 1-800-558-0577, or contact us by filling out a quote request form to the left side of this page.


Table Capacity Part Number Specification Sheet
1,000 Pounds P1RK Download
2,000 Pounds P2RK Download
3,000 Pounds P3RK Download
4,000 Pounds P4RK Download
5,000 Pounds P5RK Download

Ram Seal & Bearing Rebuild Kit
Kit Contents

Ram Seal & Bearing Rebuild Kit Parts Shown on Ram Assembly
(Retaining Ring Not Shown)


Need help with installation? For Ram Rebuild Kit parts removal, reference images, and installation procedures, please download a copy of our Parts Guide. If you have additional questions, please call us at 1-800-558-0577, or clicking on contact us, to get in touch with our customer service team.

Download Parts Guide
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