Replacement Foot Pumps for all standard 36″ square manual foot pump operated Lange Lift Tables. The length of the pedals used on these foot pumps are designed for a length and bend that have an ergonomic feel during the pumping and lowering action of your table. Though our foot pumps are universal across all table capacities, please double check the size of the deck on your table to ensure you’re sourcing the correct foot pump intended for your specific lift table.

36 inch measure for replacement foot pump

If you are unable to make a determination, please call or email our customer service team. Ideally, we will need the model number and serial number of your lift to help identify the correct pump for your table.

Part Number: FPA36-GRY

Part Number: FPA36-GRN

replacement foot pump square deck lift tables brouchure

Lange Lift Tables are designed to be low maintenance. In the event you need to replace any parts on our tables, we have a parts guide that can help walk you through the replacement process for our Replacement Foot Pump Assemblies, Foot Pump Rebuild Kits, Foot Pump Seal Kits, Ram Seal & Bearing Repair Kits, and Replacement Floor Brake Assemblies.

Click the link below to download our Parts Guide

Parts Guide | Download