7 Different Custom Scissor Lift Options


7 Different Custom Scissor Lift Options

Within construction projects, there tend to be unique parts of each job that require a very specific type of equipment to accomplish. While standard equipment can certainly be utilized if needed, a customized option is undoubtedly preferable. This is why we make each custom scissor lift in accordance with our customer’s specifications. Some scissor lifts

5 Advantages of a Custom Scissor Lift

Choosing the right equipment for handling material in an industrial environment can be the difference between workplace efficiency and a workplace disaster. For a safe, easy-to-use solution, many corporations opt for a custom scissor lift - also known as a lift table, “aerial work platform (AWP), or elevated work platform (EWP).  Scissor lifts are designed

Why You Need A Custom-Built Lift Table For Heavy Lifting

Lift tables are critical tools on the factory floor because their core function is to improve the safety and efficiency of daily operations. From the basics, such as moving pallets of product through a warehouse to more elaborate jobs like feeding material into a processing line, wherever there’s repetitive or physically demanding work a lift

What to Consider When Choosing a Lift Table

Lift tables play an important role in enhancing productivity and safety in a wide range of industries. Simply raising a pallet of boxes or large pieces of equipment to a height into an ergonomically friendly position reduces strain and the risk of musculoskeletal injuries that often occur when workers repetitively lift or maneuver heavy loads

Benefits Of Using An Electric Lift Table

Electric Powered Hydraulic Lift Tables are ideal for material handling in high cycle applications wherein raising and lowering speeds are crucial for maximum efficiency. Adjustable working heights promote safety, a reduction of bodily stress & repetitive motion injuries, and increased efficiency. Electric Lift Tables are the perfect choice for machinists, welders, assemblers, fabricators, and more. 

What Kind Of Scissor Lift Table Is Right For Me?

When your crew is working, you always want to make sure that they have the correct equipment. The right type of scissor lift table can increase efficiency and job site safety, especially in industrial construction environments. However, different types of work environments require different types of tables. The question is: what kind of scissor lift

A Lift Gate Can Bring Multiple Benefits to Your Business

Keep your crew safe and save time with a custom lift gate for your vehicle. Many work-related injuries and accidents occur when crew members have to resort to hand unloading truck shipments. This is also a time when valuable merchandise can become damaged. Prevent that with a custom liftgate from Lange Lift.  4 Reasons on Why

5 Unexpected Ways Hydraulic Lifts Are Used

5 Unexpected Places Hydraulic Lifts Are Used When many people think of hydraulic lifts they think of warehouses or manufacturing plants. They also recognize that construction areas are full of forklifts, elevators, and bulldozers that use this technology. But the reality is that these hydraulic systems manufactured by Lange Lift are found in all sorts

What Are Some of The Top Industries in Wisconsin?

What are Some of the Top Industries in Wisconsin? Since 1934, Lange Lift has been manufacturing high ­quality hydraulic lift tables, scissor lifts, and custom lift ­products for material handling in a wide array of industries across the world. Of course a good number of those industries are located right here in Wisconsin. But what