Welding, Ergonomics, and Worker’s Compensation Claims Part 2: The Solution

With a full line of manual lift tables, electric lift tables, battery lift tables and air lift tables, Lange Lift is committed to building quality products that lift the world. When it comes to welders, our products put their work where they need it quickly and efficiently, ensuring proper ergonomics and good body mechanics are in place at all times of the workday. As we discussed in the last post, these products and practices can reduce injuries, increase productivity, and cut costs. The principles of good ergonomics show that Lange Lift products will prevent injury when used properly.

Welders often work with heavy objects using heavy welding equipment, in an environment that requires high repetition and high work intensity to meet demand and keep production moving. Without proper ergonomics, a worker may be employing awkward body postures, lifting heavy equipment or materials, or working in static postures for prolonged periods. Awkward postures of the wrist are common, and in combination, these bad practices will lead to musculoskeletal injury.

The principles of ergonomics are based on duration (how long?), frequency (how often?), and intensity (how hard?). These three factors play a role in every injury due to improper ergonomics, and addressing them should be at the core of a business’ solution to the problem of workplace injuries. However, demand dictates these factors, and increasing your workforce is not always an option. The solution is to meet demand by working smarter.

To simplify the welding tasks for the welder and reduce the physical load during the work, the welder should be enabled to follow the following principles:  “Work in front” by positioning working between waist and shoulder whenever possible.  Use motorized positioning devices such as Lange Lift lift tables. Also, use welding guns with swivels, designed for use in both hands.

At the core of these is the need to position work properly for every operation. Lange Lift products enable this, with the flexibility offered by multiple options for powering the lift table’s operation. This flexibility, combined with Lange Lift’s custom & modified lift tables, ensures that there is no welding operation that can’t be positioned correctly, and moved safely.

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