3 Factors to Keep in Mind When Replacing the Foot Pump Assembly on Your Lift

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3 Factors to Keep in Mind When Replacing the Foot Pump Assembly on Your Lift

3 Factors to Keep in Mind When Replacing the Foot Pump Assembly on Your Lift

When you’re working with a lift table, a sudden failure of your foot pump can cause big delays. And, since lifts can present a serious workplace hazard when they’re not used properly, it’s essential to make repairs quickly on any broken parts. That includes your pump.

Things to Remember Before You Replace Your Lift’s Foot Pump Assembly

Are you ready to replace your pump assembly? Keep these three things in mind.

1. You May Be Able to Rebuild It

Normal use can wear down the components of your pump over time. The seals and bearings in this part are the most susceptible to breakage.

If your pump just needs some minor repairs, you may be able to handle the work yourself with the right rebuild kit.

Look for a complete kit that includes replacement seals, different sized bearings, and the other components you need to rebuild your part. Unless you already know a fair bit about repairing this particular piece of machinery, make sure your kit comes with a parts guide, too.

2. Size Matters When It Comes to Foot Pump Pedals

If rebuilding your pump doesn’t sound feasible—or if your parts are simply too damaged—it’s time to buy a replacement.

The size of your lift deck will determine the size of pump you need. If you don’t have the part numbers handy, you can measure your table to find out which pump will work for you.

Here’s a quick guide:

  • For a 24″ x 24″ table, you’ll need an FPA.24 pump.
  • For a 30″ x 30″ surface, opt for an FPA.30 pump.
  • FPA.36 pumps correspond with 36″ x 36″ tables.
  • If your table deck measures 48″ x 48″, you need an FPA.48 pump.

Taking a few moments to measure your lift deck will ensure you buy the right pump for the job.

3. You Must Clean the Area Before You Replace Your Pump

In order to run smoothly, your pump needs to be completely free from dirt, debris, and chemical solvents. Any foreign objects can knick or scratch your bearings, which will prevent your pump from working.

Whether you’re repairing or replacing your part, be sure to clean each component using a parts washer. Rinse everything thoroughly before replacing it in your system.

The reason cleanliness is so important is that solvents or debris can cut through the hydraulic fluid in your system. This fluid is what keeps your lift table lubricated so it can run smoothly.

Occasionally, you have to prime the hydraulic fluid after you replace your pump. Follow our quick process to get your table working again:

  1. Press the foot pedal and lower your table completely.
  2. Using a forklift or crane, lift the table up approximately 3 to 4 inches.
  3. Use the pedal to raise the table to full height.
  4. Pump the pedal a few more times to clear air out of the system.

This process allows the hydraulic fluid to lubricate the lift system so everything runs smoothly.

Buy a Top-Notch Foot Pump Assembly Today from Lange Lift

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Why Your Lift Table Needs an Operational Floor Lock

An industrial floor lock is standard for safety and optimal use. A floor lock helps a table stay in place while also providing safety when the table achieves height. The lock achieves support by utilizing compression and retraction springs.

A lock is also meant to prevent floor slipping. They’re made with a non-marking rubber pad, ideal for slippery floors. Tables that mount or lift require a lock to achieve safety and stability.

Recent lift tables are made with high-quality lock designs and you can buy heavy-duty locks on their own. Do you need to replace your lock? Or did your lift table come without one?

Here’s why a lock is so important.

Meant for Lift Tables of All Heights

For lift tables, you need a lock that’s able to support tables of varying heights. Some things to keep in mind include:

  • Certain locks come with a feature to extend their height. These locks are specialized for lift tables, to be sure they can be stable when the table is lifted.
  • You can adjust the height on the locks to support the table. If your lift table comes with a lock, the lock can support the table as it increases in height.
  • If you buy one separately, make sure it can support the lift table when the table extends the height.
  • Even when these locks are extended, you can safely lock and unlock them. They’re secured at all heights.

Can Be Used for Long Wear

Floor locks are made of heavy-duty materials to sustain a lot of wear and tear.

One of the major uses of locks is to stabilize a table for loading and unloading. So, locks can handle the weight of the table and the objects on top of it; even if the springs and pads wear down, the lock will still be effective in stabilizing your table.

While locks may be low profile, they are industrial strength. Whether you’re supporting a large object or even a person, a lock will be able to safely hold a table.

Keeps Tables Stationary

Whether your lift table is on a rough surface or your table is required to be kept stationary, locks help restrict movement. Floor locks are perfect for portable equipment for this reason.

How can locks sustain this stability? They’re usually made with materials such as rubber floor pads with a non-skid mechanism. They’re also spring loaded to hold heavy objects. Most locks are made of heavy-duty steel to sustain all kinds of impact.

Time to Get a New Floor Lock for Your Lift Table

Say, the original lock on your lift table is broken or damaged. You probably don’t think you need to invest in a new lock. However, these locks are vital for any lift table. These locks help stabilize your lift table, no matter what height. Regardless of the use of your table, protect your table and your items with a lock.

If you’re looking for a new lock or a new lift table, take a look at our products.

General Maintenance of Your Lange Lift Table

Lange Lift manual lift tables, electric lift tables, battery lift tables and air lift tables all offer extreme durability and ease of use for many years with minimal maintenance. By following a few simple steps and guidelines, you can ensure that your Lange Lift table will continue to operate at peak performance and serve you well for a lifetime.

The casters that your lift table rolls on are designed to last the lifetime of the unit, but occasional lubrication is recommended, particularly in dirty or dusty environments. Using multi-purpose grease and a grease gun, lubricate all points as needed. The floor lock and foot pedal also benefit from occasional lubrication, ensuring smooth motion and reducing friction. Locate the friction points and apply a moderate amount of standard 30 weight oil to each point. Wipe away any excess oil, and lubricate as needed.

Clean the guide tube to protect internal components. With the lift fully raised, apply a standard degreaser to the guide tube and wipe with a clean shop cloth to keep the internal components free of debris. Clean as needed. Also, remember to keep your hydraulic oil full and clean. We recommend ISO-46 Hydraulic Oil with a fill level of no more than 2″ above the lower guide tube bearing.

Lange air lift tables also require occasional air filter and lubricator maintenance. To do so, drain the air filter as required. The lubricator should be filled with air tool oil as required and should deliver one drop of oil per one full lift cycle.

Lange battery lift tables also require battery cycle maintenance procedures to obtain good performance and maximum cycle life. Lead acid batteries require special caution, so be sure to read all warnings and precautions in your Lange Lift product manual thoroughly before proceeding. It’s important to remember that new batteries are not capable of their rated output until they have been discharged a number of times. We suggest limiting their use early on. Do not excessively discharge batteries, as it can cause polarity reversal of individual cells resulting in complete failure shortly thereafter. Limited use of new batteries will minimize the chance of cell reversal.

Check the level of electrolytes in conventional lead acid batteries monthly, and maintain the proper electrolyte level by adding distilled or purified water when necessary. Electrolyte levels lower during discharging and rise during charging, therefore it is mandatory that water is added to the cells only when they are fully charged; do not overfill. Old batteries require more frequent additions of water than new batteries.For best results, keep tops of batteries clean and dry to prevent excessive self-discharge. Keep battery terminals reasonably tight.

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Since 1934, Lange Lift has been manufacturing high ­quality hydraulic lift tables, scissor lifts, and custom lift ­products for material handling in a wide array of industries across the world. Contact us today to learn more about what our great products can do for your business.

Lift Table Parts for Long Life

Lange Lift’s complete line of hydraulic lift tables, scissor lifts, and custom lift ­products for material handling are made in the USA to precise tolerances and high design and manufacturing standards, resulting in some of the most durable, rugged, and dependable equipment in the world. We stand behind every product we make and truly believe in giving our customers the quality of service and products we would expect if we were the customer and depended on the product. However, since the laws of physics dictate that no seal will last forever and that o-rings eventually wear out, we provide a full line of lift table parts to ensure that our customers get maximum life out of their lift tables – even with punishing, daily use.

Lange Lift tables are used in a wide array of industries across the world, and although they require minimal maintenance, our selection of parts allows for easy repairs based on the expertise of the manufacturer. Convenient rebuild kits and replacement parts are available for all of our standard lift tables to keep them operating at peak performance.

In most cases, Lange Lift foot pumps can be rebuilt back to normal operating condition, so we offer a Foot Pump Complete Rebuild Kit and a Foot Pump Seal Rebuild Kit to our customers. Since we use universal parts in our foot pumps, you do not need to know the size or capacity of your table. Parts are available for all standard Lange Lift hydraulic lift tables in two convenient kits.

Our foot pump assemblies allow for convenient replacement of foot pump parts that can’t be rebuilt, allowing renewed operation of an older machine. Check out our Foot Pump Guide for parts breakdown, reference images, and parts removal and installation procedures.

We use universal Ram Seal & Bearing parts across all Standard Manual, Electric, Battery, and Air Powered Lange Lift Hydraulic Tables. With the length of service and operational ­environment in mind, seals and bearings should be checked periodically for normal wear and replaced as needed. To find the correct Ram Seal & Bearing Rebuild Kit it is important to locate the capacity of the table. The capacity of the table is posted on the identification tag located to the left of the foot pump as you’re facing it. Check our Ram Rebuild Kit page for more information.

Replacement Floor Locks are available for all production model Lange Lift Tables, Industrial Lifts, and Hydraulic Lift Tables. These double pedal floor locks are foot activated to secure the table in place or to move the table when retracted. The non-marking rubber pad is ideal for non-slip floor contact.

If you have questions about your lift table or have one of our custom or modified lift products, call or e-mail us with your serial number.

Contact us today to learn more

Since 1934, Lange Lift has been manufacturing high ­quality hydraulic lift tables, scissor lifts, and custom lift ­products for material handling in a wide array of industries across the world. Contact us today to learn more about what our great products can do for your business.