What to Expect from the Best Lifting Equipment Business

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What to Expect from the Best Lifting Equipment Business

What to Expect from the Best Lifting Equipment Business

With the rise of e-commerce and online retailing, the demands on warehouse and storage space increase 10% each year. And as that demand increases, so does the demand for associated industries and workers. The lifting equipment industry is experiencing massive growth as a result of these retail changes.

If you need lifting supplies or are starting a new business, it’s important to know your options. Not every company offers the same level of quality and customer service.

Here are some of the most important things you should look for if you need to buy lifting equipment.


Steady and Reliable Support

In whatever industry you work, you’re performing repetitive tasks that can take a toll on a weak frame if you choose subpar lifting equipment. When you choose a quality hydraulic lift table, however, there’s better protection for that frame.

Often the quality of a structure will depend on the steadiness of the lift equipment. As welders join two pieces together, support must be unwavering for a problem-free weld. Your lifting equipment can’t fail you in those critical moments and a great lift from Lange Lift will do the job.

Granular Adjustability

Every facility is different. Whether you’re on a warehouse floor, fabrication facility, or outside, your equipment must adjust to the 1/16 of an inch required. Failure to adjust to a precise height with some level of smoothness could lead to failure of your project. It could even result in a dangerous working situation. 

Buying equipment from Lange Lift ensures you’ll have a safe, precise, and productive working environment, no matter what business you’re in.

Mobility and Adaptability

In a changing work environment, your equipment needs to adapt as well. Your hydraulic lift table might need a battery powered lift that can meet your mobile application needs. Battery powered means that you can move it to various sectors of your workspace or even to an exterior location, making it that much easier for your crew to use.

4. Long-lasting Parts

Repair, maintenance, and replacement parts can cost an arm and a leg. You need to buy from a lifting company that offers long warranties for their lifting equipment and any components related to them.

Even if you choose a lift table with a good warranty, however, you need to make sure you take care of it. Check out our guide to lift table maintenance for some tips to ensure your equipment lasts as long as possible.

Lifting Equipment Companies Should Put Quality First

Because of how lift equipment can affect your bottom line, your lift table manufacturer needs to prioritize safety. Remember to do your homework. By calling a sales rep, you should be able to request a list of safety features and reliability statistics.

Now that you know what to look for you, you can make some decisions. So, if you’re ready to start shopping for high-quality lifting equipment, contact us to find the right solution for your work environment.

5 Questions to Ask Your Industrial Lift Supplier

When you need an industrial lift for your business, whom do you turn to? If you have a good-sized list of a few suppliers in mind, then you’re headed down the right path.

Why are lift suppliers so important? Because they are essential to your company’s growth. But how do you know which one is right for you?

Instead of tossing a coin or taking your best guess, we’ll take you through the questions you need to ask them. This ensures you’re getting exactly what your company needs.

What Are the Payment Terms?

Before ordering, it’s best to know the supplier’s terms and conditions when it comes to paying. Not everyone will allow invoices to be paid within two months. Some will only give you 30 days.

Negotiating payment terms can work in your favor. That is, as long as you treat the vendor like a business partner rather than just a supplier. This way, you don’t end up offending them. Plus, you can explain why you need two months to pay instead of 30 days.

What Are the Total Costs?

Just because they gave you a quote, doesn’t mean that’s what you’re going to end up paying. They don’t always include the other fees associated with what you need.

Keep in mind there might be fuel costs, delivery charges, or a high shipping fee. If you don’t think you can cover the costs, ask your supplier to look over those fees.

Is There a Liability Insurance Certificate You Can Give Me?

This is important for continuous functioning equipment. This piece of written proof states that you’re insured if machinery malfunctions.

You’ll need to make sure it covers all of the equipment purchased. After each year, get an updated copy of the certificate. Without it, your business is at risk.

Can This Industrial Lift be Customized?

Your business differs from others. Maybe a regular lift just won’t get the job done.

If you’re nodding your head, “yes,” you should know that some industrial lift suppliers do offer custom or modified lifts. They understand one size won’t fit all and, therefore, are willing to custom fit it to your needs.

What Happens if Supplies Are Late or Don’t Arrive?

Things happen, and suppliers make mistakes. It’s best to know ahead of time how they handle these mishaps. That way, in case something does go wrong with your purchase, you know what to expect.

Some will offer discounts on another purchase, or pick up the tab if you had to get machinery from another vendor. It’s always best to ask this question beforehand so you know how to prepare and recover.

Wrapping Up

Knowing what questions to ask your suppliers is vital. You need to know how they operate their business before you buy from them.

This should work more like a partnership, rather than a strict buyer and supplier relationship. They want to help you and in return, you should find ways to return the favor. Even a simple referral is a nice way to say thanks.

For all your industrial lift needs, trust us to get the job done. Request a quote today.

What to Look for in a Great Material Handling Company

Are you looking for a great material handling company, but not sure where to find one, or how to decipher the good from the bad?

Hiring a new company for your materials handling needs can be a daunting task. Some companies will try to reel you in by offering you low introductory rates. Others will try to entice you by offering promises that seem too good to be true (and likely are).

In order to get the best deal for your company, you must put each materials handling company under great scrutiny before hiring them. After all, their services are helping you ensure your business runs smoothly.

So, how do you make sure you’re hiring the right company? Read on to find out.

1. Ask Around

Likely, you know some people who are in businesses similar to yours. Oftentimes, these people will be your best resources for finding a good material handling company. Ask these people about the company’s customer service, their prices, and their overall reliability.

If you don’t know anyone well enough in the same line of business as you, you can also look to online reviews. Sites like Yelp and Google My Business are always great resources.

You can also ask for references from the company’s previous client database. Of course, the company is only going to give you customers whom they know will give them glowing reviews, but it can still be a good insight.

2. Choose a Partner, Not Just a Vendor

Choosing a company for your materials handling is about more than just choosing a vendor, it’s about choosing a partner. You want to pick a company that understands your long-term goals and objectives and isn’t just there to simply fill an order.

A true partner will offer an open line of communication and will help you find results that will help your business grow.

3. Embrace Technology

Maybe you own a business that likes to do things sort of old school. That’s okay. But, you should still be open to hiring a materials handling company that isn’t afraid to embrace new advances in technology.

More and more companies are looking into using alternative sources of energy, looking into different battery charging options, and showing interest in automated guided vehicles that will help cut down on labor costs. And, while new technologies may seem intimidating at first, ultimately they will help you improve productivity and efficiency. Don’t shy away from companies that are experimenting.

4. Take a Hard Look at the Contract

Once you feel like you’ve found a provider you can trust, you need to make sure you thoroughly read the contract. It may even be a good idea to hire a lawyer to help you read through it and explain the more complex issues.

Remember, the work doesn’t stop when you hire the company, it’s really only beginning. Make sure the company is holding up their end of the contract and keeping an open line of communication.

Are You Ready to Hire a Material Handling Company?

Now that you know what to look for in a materials handling company, it’s time to do the hiring.

At Lange Lift, we’ve been manufacturing quality products to handle your materials since 1934. Contact us today so we can discuss your needs and what we can do for your business.