Welding, Ergonomics, and Worker’s Compensation Claims Part 1: The Problem

Lange Lift builds the best manual lift tables, electric lift tables, battery lift tables and air lift tables in the world. Our products address the ergonomic difficulties of a wide range of tasks, in particular, the challenges associated with industrial welding. While working on a part or assembly, welders are at high risk of a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries due to awkward posture, heavy lifting, static postures, and awkward wrist movements and postures. Lange Lift is committed to building products that promote good body mechanics, protecting the health and well-being of welders and other workers, while savings costs for their employers due to increased productivity, less downtime, and fewer Worker’s Compensation claims.

Sprains account for more than 1/3 of the compensable claims among welders, and the back, neck, and shoulder together with the arm and hand regions make up more than one-half of those injuries. Rigorous manual precision requirements, along with a high degree of uniformity often results in awkward and static postures, difficult work positions, the need for heavy lifting and difficult material handling. Heavy parts, heavy equipment, high repetition, and high work intensity also contribute to an environment where welders are at risk of injury.

Welders are skilled employees, and a good welder is not easily replaced. Managers who oversee welders understand the importance of keeping them healthy and productive. Absences due to injury may require the transfer of welders to other tasks that could be handled by a lower-level employee. Replacement workers may require overtime pay, increasing costs and lowering productivity during onboarding and training. Frequent injuries due to bad ergonomics result in high employee turnover, increased need for training and supervisory time, and ultimately, reduced productivity and product quality.

What is a competitive industrial firm to do? Lange Lift has the answer. These problems have solutions, in the form of proven practices and quality products. Lange Lift’s full line of lift tables, as well as our modified & custom lift tables, enable business owners to build ergonomics into their operations. In our next post, we’ll discuss the practices, principles, and products which lead to healthier employees and lower costs.

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