5 Unexpected Places Hydraulic Lifts Are Used

When many people think of hydraulic lifts they think of warehouses or manufacturing plants. They also recognize that construction areas are full of forklifts, elevators, and bulldozers that use this technology. But the reality is that these hydraulic systems manufactured by Lange Lift are found in all sorts of unexpected places.

Here are 5 Places Hydraulic Lifts are Utilized

  1. In your car. Did you know that every time you use your brakes, you’re using a hydraulic lift? Hydraulic systems involve a hydraulic mechanism that compresses a liquid. The force that is applied in a hydraulic system is transmitted to another point using that liquid, which is typically hydraulic oil or water. When you place your foot on the brake pedal, it pushes a small piston in the brake master cylinder. That applies pressure on the brake fluid, which gets transferred via the brake lines. This results in another set of pistons forcing the brake linings in contact with the brake drums which stops your car.
  2. At the dentist. Have you ever wondered how a tiny dental hygenist can easily adjust your chair upwards or downwards? It’s done with the help of hydraulics. The hygienists can use their foot to easily raise or lower your chair to keep you comfortable and at the best height for the hygienists to get your teeth cleaned.
  3. In the military. The armed forces use hydraulic lifts on armed vehicles to make them easier to load.
  4. In nursing homes and hospitals. If you’ve ever assisted with moving a parent or other elderly person, you know it’s not always easy. With balance and strength issues, moving from a bed to a chair can be a challenge. Specially-designed slings powered by hydraulic lifts make moves easier and safer, reducing fall-risks.
  5. In space. NASA uses hydraulics when they design landing gear for space shuttles.

We’ve Got You Covered

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