Types of Lifts

Anthony Lange, our founder and creative talent, proved to be ahead of his time in his ability to design ergonomic lifts with exceptional functionality and longevity. Anthony built his brand by word of mouth, letting the product speak for itself. As his brand grew, with it came a reputation of being the go-to lift manufacturer for durable lift tables that are built to last.

Today, continued technological development, innovative thinking, and unstoppable talent has driven Lange Lifts to develop many different varieties of lift, each for a specific purpose. Let’s take a closer look at a selection of the types of lifts that make up our current product offering:

Manual Hydraulic Lift Tables

For basic repetitive tasks that need a steady surface and reliable support, Lange offers Manual Hydraulic Lift Tables. These tables provide a surface for many work activities, such as welding and fabrication tasks, and are easily adjustable using a foot pedal.

Electric Lift Tables

If your task involves complex work that requires frequent adjustment of the work surface, and raising and lowering to enable a closer look and custom positioning, Lange Lift’s electric powered hydraulic lift tables are what you’re looking for. Electric Powered Lift Tables are ideal for stationary applications where raising and lowering speeds are crucial for maximum efficiency. No need for manually pumping the table, simply press down the foot switches for quick, ergonomic performance.

Battery Powered Hydraulic Lift Tables

If your application requires mobility, Lange Lift offers battery-powered hydraulic lift tables that are ideal for mobile applications. When you’re out in the field, your work can’t be hampered by an improper work surface. Lange delivers a reliable solution to mobile applications with our line of battery-powered hydraulic lift tables.

Air Powered Hydraulic Lift Tables

Lange’s Air Powered Lift Tables are ideal for combustible environments, such as spray booths, where electrical currents are prohibited. An onboard air valve raises and lowers the table with the tilt of your foot. This convenient, safe and effective method allows you to work in otherwise inhospitable conditions with an easy to use, adjustable work surface.

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