Pneumatic Lift Tables: What You Need to Know

Currently, there are different types of lift tables on the market. Choosing one that is right for you is about weighing the pros and cons to each.

Although there are other options, we will specifically be looking at air lift tables and how a pneumatic lift table can benefit you.


Save Some Green

The most successful companies know where to cut corners. They also know where to spend and on what.

You can’t always cut everything back to the bare minimum, but you can look at where your power is going.

A good amount of electricity (read: money) is used for powering shop tools. There aren’t too many ways around this, but if you can use air-powered tools—like a pneumatic lift table—you may just save yourself a bit of money.

Pneumatic Lift Tables Are Low Risk

Because these machines run completely off of air, there is no chance of a hydraulic leak. This also means that in work environments that need to be very clean and neat, you have no risk of impurities from the machine.

Overall, there is very little maintenance to be done. And, if something does go wrong or there is an air leak in a valve, it’s relatively easy to fix.


More than user-friendly, pneumatic air lift tables are safer than many types of lifts on the market. And, because they are easy to use, people are more apt to utilize them. This fact alone could dramatically reduce missed work days and workman’s compensation payments.

To give you an idea of how important proper lifting in the workplace is, 36% of injuries were back and shoulder related. And an overwhelming number of these had to do with overexertion and repetitive trauma.

Is a Pneumatic Lift Right for You?

Overall, when considering lift tables, you absolutely have to make a decision that works for you and your crew. Pneumatic air lift tables are popular for many reasons, including:

  • These tables are quite mobile.
  • They can save you a bit of money by not having to plug into a power source. This also means that moving the lift table around the shop is possible.
  • The lack of hydraulic fluid increases worker satisfaction, as this fluid has been known to irritate people’s skin. This sometimes results in workers having to leave work to tend to their burn-like rashes.
  • There aren’t any worries about combustion or dealing with electric currents.

If you’re considering an air lift table for your shop, check a few of these out. There are many to choose from to fit your specific needs. Weights range from 1,000-5,000 lbs, and the sizes of the tables can be adjusted or completely modified.

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us—we’re happy to help you find the right lift table for your needs.