Serial #31458 | Custom Scissor Lift

Custom designed for a worldwide cheese processor, this lift features a stainless steel base and deck cover with fork pockets. This lift is used in a food processing environment where wash downs occur, so in additions to the stainless steel base and cover, it was coated in Steel-It epoxy. This coating utilizes a unique stainless steel leafing pigment. This catalyzed system creates a hard, non-toxic, metallic finish that safeguards a wide variety of materials from the effects of ultraviolet rays, chemicals, oils, alkaloids, food acids, water immersion, abrasion, and high-pressure wash downs.

Technical Specifications

Capacity » 4,000 Pounds

Deck » 48″ Long x 40″ Wide with Stainless Steel Cover, Tilts to 45º from Horizontal

Base » 50″ Long x 48″ Wide with Four Way Stainless Steel Fork Pockets, Standard Steel Scissor Arms

Raised Height » 28″ – Level Deck

Lowered Height » 13″ – Level Deck

Vertical Travel » 15″

Power » Air Motor – 80 PSI @ 50 CFM (Recommended)

Controls » Air Foot Valves – Lift/Lower, Tilt Forward/Tilt Backward

Coating » Steel-It Epoxy – Metallic Grey

IMPORTANT! The lift on this page is a modified or custom product.  Products of this nature may have very specific features, seen and unseen, that are unique to the original end user’s application. When inquiring about this lift, our customer service team will ask you questions about your application to make sure that you’re getting the right lift for your application with the features you want. Please reference the lift on this page by it’s serial number.