Why Your Lift Table Needs an Operational Floor Lock

An industrial floor lock is standard for safety and optimal use. A floor lock helps a table stay in place while also providing safety when the table achieves height. The lock achieves support by utilizing compression and retraction springs.

A lock is also meant to prevent floor slipping. They’re made with a non-marking rubber pad, ideal for slippery floors. Tables that mount or lift require a lock to achieve safety and stability.

Recent lift tables are made with high-quality lock designs and you can buy heavy-duty locks on their own. Do you need to replace your lock? Or did your lift table come without one?

Here’s why a lock is so important.

Meant for Lift Tables of All Heights

For lift tables, you need a lock that’s able to support tables of varying heights. Some things to keep in mind include:

  • Certain locks come with a feature to extend their height. These locks are specialized for lift tables, to be sure they can be stable when the table is lifted.
  • You can adjust the height on the locks to support the table. If your lift table comes with a lock, the lock can support the table as it increases in height.
  • If you buy one separately, make sure it can support the lift table when the table extends the height.
  • Even when these locks are extended, you can safely lock and unlock them. They’re secured at all heights.

Can Be Used for Long Wear

Floor locks are made of heavy-duty materials to sustain a lot of wear and tear.

One of the major uses of locks is to stabilize a table for loading and unloading. So, locks can handle the weight of the table and the objects on top of it; even if the springs and pads wear down, the lock will still be effective in stabilizing your table.

While locks may be low profile, they are industrial strength. Whether you’re supporting a large object or even a person, a lock will be able to safely hold a table.

Keeps Tables Stationary

Whether your lift table is on a rough surface or your table is required to be kept stationary, locks help restrict movement. Floor locks are perfect for portable equipment for this reason.

How can locks sustain this stability? They’re usually made with materials such as rubber floor pads with a non-skid mechanism. They’re also spring loaded to hold heavy objects. Most locks are made of heavy-duty steel to sustain all kinds of impact.

Time to Get a New Floor Lock for Your Lift Table

Say, the original lock on your lift table is broken or damaged. You probably don’t think you need to invest in a new lock. However, these locks are vital for any lift table. These locks help stabilize your lift table, no matter what height. Regardless of the use of your table, protect your table and your items with a lock.

If you’re looking for a new lock or a new lift table, take a look at our products.