How Lange Lift Builds Custom Lifts for Unique Applications

Your business is as unique and innovative as the minds that built it, with unique problems that require custom solutions. When it comes to lift tables, scissor tables, box dumpers, tilters/upenders or other types of lift equipment, you may not find a solution that exists that meets your unique needs. Luckily, Lange Lifts knows this, and we offer a complete set of services to design and manufacture modified and custom lifts.

Whether it’s a slight modification of our standard hydraulic lift tables or a completely unique lift product, we have the flexibility and experience to design and custom fit one of a kind solutions for our customers. Our custom design team has rich experience in lift design, as well as an expert grasp of new technologies and manufacturing methods, enabling us to quickly and effectively move from concept to completed product.

Our engineers will work directly with you from concept to production. Call us today for a consultation on your unique needs, and Lange’s experts will visit your facility and assess your situation. We’ll take measurements and complete an analysis to fully understand how your custom lift solution needs to operate, and what it needs to accomplish. We’ll take that research and data back to our facility, where our expert designers and engineers will work together to build a solution that exceeds your expectations.

We use our expertise and the latest in 3D CAD software and technology to design the best one of a kind ergonomic lifts in a myriad of varieties. We’ll use that design, combined with our manufacturing excellence, to build a quality final product to exacting specifications, ensuring an effective, safe, and durable solution.

At Lange Lift, we have over 80 years of design experience from scissor lifts to tilters, upenders, turntables, box dumpers, lift gates, pallet inverters, and more. With a variety of designs to fit any situation imaginable, and capacities available from 100 pounds to 40,000 pounds in manual, electric, battery, and air power, Lange Lifts are designed to impress and built to last.

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Since 1934, Lange Lift has been manufacturing high ­quality hydraulic lift tables, scissor lifts, and custom lift ­products for material handling in a wide array of industries across the world. Contact us today to learn more about what our great products can do for your business.