How Hydraulic Lift Tables Help Machinists Work Smarter

The importance of proper ergonomics at your workstation can’t be overstated. With millions of Americans suffering from work-related injuries, and more claims being filed every day, today’s worker is becoming aware of the fact that if their workstation doesn’t provide proper ergonomics, they risk serious health issues in the future. Likewise, employers who want loyal and productive employees know that they need to provide healthy working conditions. For these reasons, Lange Lift has developed a range of highly customizable lift tables that put your work where you need it, easily and effectively. For employees, the value of their continued health and vitality in the future is limitless. For employers, a healthy and productive workforce means higher profits and increased prosperity for all.

People come in all shapes and sizes and need working ­surfaces with adjustable working heights to limit ­bodily stress, reduce repetitive motion injuries, and increase ­efficiency. Safety managers know that an ergonomic Lange Lift table is the perfect choice for machinists, welding ­stations, assembly areas, and material fabrication.

Research has shown that repetitive stress disorders and bad body mechanics have extremely detrimental effects on the human body. Simply put, a healthy workforce is far more productive and costs far less in the long run than workers whose well-being isn’t provided for. Lange Lift hydraulic lift tables help your machinists, welders, and fabricators work smarter and avoid injury by putting their work where they need it. You’ll find that they are able to deliver better and more accurate work, leading to improved productive hours and a higher-quality product.

Manual Hydraulic Lift Tables are our original design, ideal for any industrial environment. If your application requires constant raising and lowering, we offer electric lift tables, battery lift tables, and air powered lift tables to help reduce repetitive motion and increase productivity. Our line of products ensures that you’ll find a perfect fit for your application, with a design that meets the needs of your workers.

Lange Lift is passionate about our lift tables and the results they deliver for our customers. Contact us today to find out more about what Lange Lift tables can do to improve your operations.

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