Electric Powered Lift Tables: Strong, Easy to Use, and Dependable

In 1934, the founder and creative talent behind Lange Lifts, Anthony Lange, developed a hydraulic lift table with exceptional functionality and longevity. He was truly ahead of his time, as revolutions in the science of ergonomics and human factors were still decades off. However, the workers who were fortunate enough to use a Lange lift table knew that this product was a game changer.

As years passed and Lange Lifts grew, we embraced new technologies and efficiencies and integrated them into our products. One of the first logical next steps for the design of the hydraulic lift table was to add electricity. Enabling workers to raise and lower their work surface with the touch of a button was another game changer, allowing complete and easy adjustability and smooth operation for modern machinists, welders, and other hard-working individuals.

Today, Lange Lifts uses modern technology to build the best electric powered lift tables on the market. Electric powered lift tables are ideal for stationary applications where raising and lowering speeds are crucial for maximum efficiency. No need for manually pumping the table, simply press down the foot switches for quick, ergonomic performance. Not only does this save valuable time in the manufacturing or repair process, but the smooth motion enabled by electric operation makes an electric powered lift table useful in extremely delicate work that may not be appropriate for manual lift tables.

With a formed and welded 1/4″ thick flat steel deck and 360 degree continuous rotation with lock handle, our electric lift tables are built to handle any situation. Below the deck, formed steel legs and welded steel frame rest on 5 inch diameter cast iron rigid or swivel casters and a foot actuated floor lock, enabling hands-free operation. Deck sizes range from 24” x 24” to 48” x 48”, and capacities from 1000 lbs to 5000 lbs. With 18 full inches of vertical travel, from 27” to a height of 45”, and a durable Machine Green finish (with custom colors available), Lange Lift electric powered hydraulic lift tables are built to exceed expectations.

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