5 Uses for a Hydraulic Lift Table

Are you struggling to lift certain materials? There’s no need to work up a sweat or break your back. Hydraulic lift tables, or scissor lifts, can help you lift and hoist certain materials. They’re also cost-effective and durable.

Lift tables help get the job done and reduce workplace fatigue. But do you really need a lift table? Lift tables are versatile but it’s also important to understand how they’re used for specialized tasks.


Here are five common uses of scissor lift tables.

1. Reaching Hard-to-Reach Places

With the rise of eCommerce, warehouses deal with multiple shipments, so they need a method for shipping and storing products.

Products at the warehouse are often displayed in high or hard-to-reach areas. Because stored products are hard to reach, hydraulic lift tables help warehouse employees load and unload products. The scissor lift mechanism allows the table to stay low or reach higher levels. A warehouse worker can easily increase height to load objects and decrease the height to store products on a truck.

2. Transporting and Tending to Patients

When you go to the dentist or doctor, have you noticed the nurse or doctor easily adjusts your chair? This is done with the help of hydraulics. You can be positioned high or low and at a certain angle. To easily administer medical practices without discomfort, hydraulics help put the patient in the right position.

Scissor lifts are also used to transfer patients from a stretcher to a hospital bed and during surgery.

3. Loading and Unloading

Do you wonder how lots of equipment is loaded into trucks? Typically, a company will use a hydraulic system to load boxes and other materials. Scissor lifts help load these materials efficiently, increasing and decreasing height to enter and exit the truck bed.

Hydraulic systems are helpful when loading heavy materials such as machinery. Hydraulics are also used during unloading, making the process move quickly.

4. Moving Workers

Have you seen construction workers fix a building while up high? To get high up on buildings and platforms, they use hydraulics. Workers use scissor lifts when the work area cannot be moved or adjusted.

5. Transporting Goods

Scissor lifts are used when goods need to be transported within areas of a warehouse or storage space. This is useful when the goods are stored at great heights, need to be stored at great heights, or are too heavy to move.

Will You Use a Hydraulic Lift Table?

Is your job physically demanding? Then you should consider investing in a hydraulic lift table. Lift tables help to increase your efficiency, and hydraulics take away any stress regarding lifting and transporting heavy objects. Lange lifts are also versatile and can be used for a variety of different purposes.

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