5 Pieces of Equipment You Need for the Perfect Garage Setup

Do you like fixing up cars? Whether it’s a hobby or a full-fledged business plan, mechanic skills go hand in hand with a great garage setup. If you’re a mechanic or car enthusiast, you know that the right tools are important to get the job done.

Looking to invest in some gadgets for your garage or shop? Check out these must-have garage tools so you can be prepared for any repair or maintenance challenge that comes your way.


Air Compressor

A high-capacity air compressor is essential for some of a mechanic’s tools of the trade. Pneumatic hand tools like sanders, pressure washers, impact wrenches, and more require compressed air to function.

Consider not only the capacity of your air compressor but also how ergonomic it is. Having the ability to move your compressor around the shop easily will add to the versatility and usefulness of your purchase.

Engine Hoist

If you plan on rebuilding or replacing engines, a hoist is a must. Many models fold away when not in use, and some can roll the engine out away from the engine bay for easier access during repairs and maintenance.

When not being used for engines, hoists can have many other purposes as well. For instance, moving heavy parts out of truck beds, and relocating bulky equipment around the shop. Obviously, having a hoist can save your back and make big tasks much easier.

Lift Table

Lift tables are important ergonomic and multi-purpose surfaces that can adjust to the height or weight of many large car parts. A heavy-duty steel lift table can function as a welding station, machining station, assembly area, parts transport, and more.

A lift table ensures you can work on the same project from any position. With custom tables available, you can choose a design that best suits the needs of your garage too.

Instead of taking up space with several different workstations, consider using a lift table as a mobile station around the shop. Lifts with wheels can move to your area and save floor space, allowing you to make dynamic use of your garage layout.

Vehicle Lift

Being able to get underneath a car for diagnostics and inspection is essential for a mechanic. Vehicle lifts not only make the undercarriage of a car more accessible, they also make working on the underside of any vehicle safer and more efficient than jacks or other alternatives.

Parts Washer

Whether you’re getting your classic car ready for a car show or just need to de-grease some tools or automotive parts, a parts washer is invaluable.

Keep bushings, carbs, bearings, and other necessities from being greasy and gunked up so you can work efficiently and cleanly. These handy basins come with a pump and spigot built in, and many fit right on your worktop.

A Garage Setup Built to Last

Investing in good, high-quality equipment and tools will save you money and time in the long run. Set yourself up for success with durable and long-lasting tools and equipment for your workspace. This will ensure each extra dollar can go toward future investments for your perfect garage setup.

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