5 Advantages of Using a Hydraulic Lift Table

Hydraulic lift tables are changing the way many industries operate from construction to welding and moving to lumber work. These powerful machines can carry up to 2.5 tons of weight with ease. They are reliable, lasting tools here to make your life much easier.

No matter if you need a little lifting help or a stable working space, these tables can do the job.

Here are five advantages of investing in a hydraulic lift table.

1. Better Employee Safety

In any physical working environment, employee safety should be the top priority.

Many employees develop back pain over extended periods of heavy lifting. The repetitive motion wears on their muscles and joints and can take years to fully recover. Employees under these conditions can also suffer sudden injury. This can happen when the body is tired or one uses an incorrect form to lift something.

The injuries are lasting, painful experiences and may cause an employee to be out of work or an employer to deal with worker’s comp.

All of this can be easily avoided when a table does the lifting for you.

2. Improved Productivity Rates

Additionally, a table can usually get the lifting done much quicker than an employee.

If you are working in construction, this means you can get more material up on the structure rather than loaded around the site. For welding or assembly areas, the ability to easily adjust your working space can significantly boost how many pieces you work on per day.

The machine is not here to replace your people. Rather, it can ease everyone’s physical workload and be an effective tool to make a job go by smoother.

3. Access to Sharper Angles

Those who plan to use their hydraulic lift table as a working space will be pleased to see the new angles they have access to.

The machine can handle heavy weight for extended periods of time, and it only takes a push of a button to adjust its height and angle. This means you can bring whatever you are working on as high as you want for inspection and lower it back down to get to work. You may find this new perspective opens doors in your creativity when welding or your precision in construction cuts.

4. Mobile-Friendly Machinery

Many labor jobs require employees to work on-site, and locations often vary based on the project.

Having a lift table in your mobile toolbox can transform the way you operate on a site. It brings all the benefits mentioned above right to the place where your work matters most.

Investing in this tool shows you care about the final results, and you’re passionate about finding the best way to complete a project.

5. Cost-Efficient Investment

Speaking of investment, don’t let the price tag delay your decision. Hydraulic lift tables basically pay for themselves in the long run.

When you take into account the value of employee safety, the more projects you can complete thanks to increased productivity, and the accuracy of such projects, the decision is almost a no-brainer.

Plus, these tools are built to last. Their longevity can have you breathing easy for years after your initial investment.

Choose Your Hydraulic Lift Table

Stop waiting to take the standard of your work to the next level. With one tool, you can improve the quality of your employees’ working conditions and the efficiency of clients’ final results. Your hydraulic lift table is the missing tool you need to take on more work with less stress.

Ready to choose the perfect table for you? Contact us today to make your decision and place an order!