How 3-D CAD Technology Benefits Buyers of a Hydraulic Scissor Lift

When you buy from Lange Lift, you’re investing in a lift that’s made to last. Keep reading to learn how we use 3-D CAD technology to model our lifts and the ways that modeling benefits you as a buyer.



How 3-D CAD Technology Works

The global 3-D CAD market has grown to over $8 billion. The accuracy and flexibility of this technology is a key part of why it’s used for so many important purposes. Even the best 2-D drawings are very limited by the amount of detail they can show. Because computer-aided design (CAD) doesn’t have those limitations, it can create highly realistic 3-D models.

A 3-D model will reflect the exact elements of a design. An engineer with CAD experience can easily modify these elements to meet specific needs. This is one of the many reasons why we use this technology to model every scissor lift we build.

5 Benefits of Modeling with 3-D CAD Technology

We have a history that dates back to 1934. Over the last eight decades, we’ve continued to innovate with improved processes and new technology. One example is our use of 3-D CAD technology. Here are five ways our 3-D modeling benefits customers like you:

1. Lots of Available Features

A hydraulic scissor lift can be manual, electric, battery, or air powered. A lift can include removable standoffs, tooling mounts, fork pockets, and other features. 3-D modeling makes it easy to explore these different features and choose the ones that work best for your needs.

2. Precise Modifications and Customizations

We have experience working with small fabrication shops, national defense contractors, and everyone in between. We know just how vital it is for modifications and customizations to be precise. Through our use of 3-D CAD technology, we can ensure the lift we build meets your exact specifications.

3. Wide Capacity Range

Some lifts only need to support a few hundred pounds. Others need to safely support tens of thousands of pounds. Our 3-D modeling process gives you the freedom to choose any lift capacity from 100 to 40,000 pounds.

4. Prompt Turnaround

We pride ourselves on expert craftsmanship, but we also understand the importance of delivery schedules. Through our use of CAD software, we’re able to provide custom manufacturing while simultaneously ensuring each stage in the process moves along without delays.

5. Easy Collaboration

When you invest in a lift, you deserve to get exactly what you need. While some lift providers will try to force a cookie-cutter solution on you, Lange Lift manufactures one-of-a-kind lifts. Our engineers will work directly with you from concept to production.

The collaborative approach that 3-D modeling enables makes it easy to design the perfect lift.

Get the Perfect Hydraulic Scissor Lift

If you need a hydraulic scissor lift, we’re ready to design and build it for you. We’ll gather all the necessary research and incorporate it into a 3-D model. Once you’re completely satisfied with the 3-D design, we’ll use our decades of manufacturing experience to create the perfect lift for your needs.

To start working with the Lange Lift team, contact us online or by calling 1-800-558-0577.