As much as we all love summer, it’s not always great for productivity. Hot sun and rising temperatures often slow down workers. From dehydration to heat exhaustion, we need to be sure that everyone is healthy, safe, and good to work.

We also need to make sure our equipment doesn’t damage in the sun’s heat. It may not always be fresh in our minds, but high temperatures damage material handling equipment too. A broken forklift can cut back on productivity and cause delays that hurt your operation.

Here are some summer safety tips to ensure your productivity stays up and your risk stays down.

Look Out for Over-Heating Forklifts in Summer

Overheated forklifts cause major problems in operations. Make sure that the coolant system is working properly. Additionally, coolant levels should always stay above the minimum level. Maintaining a coolant level in the middle of minimum and maximum is obviously the optimal choice. You also should check all hoses for cracks or looseness. High temperatures increase the risk of cracked or damaged hoses, and if you notice one, replace it immediately.

If you have an internal combustion forklift, be sure to check filters and oil levels often so your machine is ready to work in the summer heat.

Keep an Eye for Your Tires This Summer

Much like with the rubber hoses mentioned before, summer heat increases the likelihood of cracked tires. Always be certain to check your tires overall condition, keeping an eye out for cracks in the rubber. Fluctuating temperatures cause tire pressure to constantly change, so be sure you always have your tires inflated to the right pressure. Check the owners manual for the exact pressure your lifts tires require. Higher temperatures increase tire pressure, so it may be smart to inflate on the low end just to be safe.

Increased ground temperature from the sun plus friction from driving also increase the tires overall temperature, so keep that in mind. That last thing you want is a blowout at midday when you are at peak productivity.

Always Have Maintenance Scheduled Regularly

Staying on top of your maintenance schedule is one of the best things you can do this summer to make sure your forklift is fully operational. Inspections can catch problems early so that it only takes a short time to fix. Otherwise, the problem may go unnoticed until the equipment is unusable for days or longer. This is probably the number one way to catch any heat-related problems with your forklift and other material handling equipment.

Note: Inspections should always be done before and after every shift on a forklift, noting any problems you see for the next driver to be aware of.


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