The Surprising Benefits of Height Adjustable Tables

The human body is built to move, that’s why there are so many benefits to having your own height adjustable table or work station. It’s 100 percent natural to move around while working and our body subconsciously knows this. When you sit for too long, you may feel a general discomfort, so you adjust. You stand, stretch your legs, and move around to feel better. You may not know it, but you’re actively solving circulation problems and reducing fatigue. It’s inherent in everybody. That’s why an adjustable table is so effective at keeping people healthy and focused on their work.

Problems with Sitting

Sitting all day is a health risk. Much like a lifetime of eating a poor diet with no exercise, sitting all day has long term health risks. Even if you are sitting, your muscles can still get fatigued. Sitting contributes to some obvious health issues like neck and back problems, but even more serious illnesses like heart disease and even cancer. It’s recommended that you stand and move at least five minutes every hour.

Check out this article for some more information: The Dangers of Sitting: Why Sitting is the New Smoking.

Benefits of Standing

While you are awake, your body is meant to move around. This is how we are built. Standing reduces pressure on the spine which is great for overall health. Sitting, even in a neutral and comfortable position, is still worse than standing for your neck, back, and hips. Your lower back is especially healthier when standing because your hips and back are in line. Notice that no matter how you sit, your hips are never really aligned with your back and neck. This is why you should have to option to stand while you work.

Height Adjustable Tables

The reason height adjustable tables are so effective at improving overall health and productivity is that anytime you are uncomfortable you can just move. If you are sitting and your back hurts, you don’t have to step away from your work and go for a walk. The moment you feel the urge to stand you can just raise the desk or table and keep working. People with the option to switch between sitting and standing will have more energy, reduce muscle fatigue, and reduce the risk of long term effects of full-time sitting.

One extra benefit is that just standing burns hundreds of more calories per day than sitting. Therefore, if you’re looking to optimize fitness, then you should consider a height adjustable table as well.

Clearly, the benefits of height adjustable tables are proven. Still, they are not as well known as they should be and are rarely considered when people talk about workplace productivity. Perhaps you cannot invest in getting every employee their own height adjustable desk, table, or workstation. However, if your office space, warehouse, or personal work station needs an energy and productivity boost, you’ll want to consider a height adjustable table.

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