Manual Powered Lift Tables

The world’s strongest, most versatile lift tables on the market, our lift tables can be used in a myriad of ways, including but not limited for use as welding tables, die transfer tables, assembly tables, grinding tables, machinists tables, mobile assembly tables, and general industrial use lift tables. Lange Lift Tables are built to last a lifetime in harsh, high cycle environments. Our ergonomic design helps increase productivity. We specialize in modifying all of our designs to fit your specific application. Whether it’s a Tilting Deck, Rubber or UHMW Covered Deck, Ball Transfer or Roller Conveyor Top, Poly Coated Casters, Larger Diameter Casters, Special Tooling or Tooling Slots, we will work closely with you to design a product to meet your needs. Lange Lift Products are trusted by NASA and Aerospace manufacturers, numerous National Defense Contractors, Oil & Gas Companies, Mining Companies, welding and fabrication shops, and many more types of businesses all over the world. We’ve been fortunate to have strong relationships with many of the same customers since our beginnings in 1934.

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