Why Airplane Manufacturers Need Quality Lift Tables

Many people underestimate how important airplanes are. For the most part, we only really see the inside while aboard or see one flying high in the sky. Very few people really work up close to airplanes. The people who do are aerospace manufacturers. In fact, they are responsible for designing, building, testing, and maintaining airplanes. To do this job well, they need strong lifting equipment.

Do You Know How Big a Jet Engine Is?

Boeing 777s have the largest jet engines. These engines are over ten and a half feet in diameter and weigh over 15,000 pounds each. That’s taller than a regulation basketball hoop and heavier than an elephant. That means they need strong and reliable lifts to put these engines together. In addition, the jet engines need to be tested, painted, inspected and maintained. All of these jobs require quality material handling equipment so that goods and people just like you can travel safely.

How Often Do Airplanes Get Serviced?

Airplanes typically need servicing every couple hundred flight cycles. A flight cycle consists of one take-off, one flight, and one landing. Engineers and mechanics take the plane to a hangar where regular tests and check-ups are done. It takes a whole team many hours of work to do this. All of them need various tools and equipment to make sure the airplane is safe to go back into the air. These tools and people require special lift tables to get themselves up to the plane. In addition, they need a special lift that can hold the weight of a whole engine or wing if it requires special maintenance.

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