Are you in need of a reliable source for hydraulic tables? Look no further than Lange Lift. Our company has been manufacturing different types of lifting tables for almost a century, and we continue to provide customizable solutions for a variety of industries including manufacturing, automotive, electronics, and more. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at hydraulic tables and why Lange Lift is the leading provider of this vital piece of machinery.

What Are Hydraulic Tables Used for?

Hydraulic tables are an essential tool for many industries, allowing workers to lift heavy loads with ease. They are commonly used in manufacturing, aerospace, and most warehouse environments, but can also be found in medical facilities and even in the entertainment industry. Hydraulic tables are designed to lift, lower, or sometimes tilt loads. By using hydraulic power, these tables can support a wide range of weights and provide smooth, consistent movement.

Why Lange Lift is the leading provider of hydraulic tables

At Lange Lift, we take pride in providing high-quality lift tables that are built to last. Our tables are made with the best materials and technology available, including durable North American steel, ensuring their durability and long lifespan. We also offer customization options so you can design a hydraulic table that meets your exact needs. Our lift tables are manufactured in the USA to the industry’s highest standards of quality and we continuously aim to improve our products to meet the evolving needs of our customers. 

Types of Hydraulic Tables Lange Lift Provides

We offer a wide range of hydraulic tables for use in various industries. Our standard hydraulic post-lift tables are a popular option, providing a sturdy and reliable solution for lifting and lowering different types of heavy loads. In addition to our standard hydraulic post lift tables, we also provide custom lift products so you can accomplish anything you need to do on the job. Our scissor lifts provide a versatile solution for lifting and tilting loads, while our turntables make it easy to rotate heavy items. We also offer lift carts, lift gates, pallet inverters, tilters, and upenders, allowing you to find the perfect solution for your business. Check out our video gallery to explore the breadth of equipment we stock and to see Lange Lifts in action!

Benefits of Lange Lift Tables

Choosing a Lange Lift hydraulic table offers a number of benefits for your business. Our tables are designed to provide efficient movement of heavy loads and are customizable to meet the specific needs of your business. We offer a range of lift capacities, table sizes, and other features to ensure that your table will suit your space and usage requirements perfectly. Our tables require minimal maintenance requirements, which can help you save money over time and reduce the need for frequent table replacements or repairs. Additionally, we diligently check to make sure equipment is working as expected and we thrive on building strong relationships with our customers and community.

Table Options From Lange Lift

At Lange Lift, we are committed to providing the highest quality hydraulic tables to meet the needs of our diverse customers and their vibrant businesses. Whether you are looking for a standard hydraulic post-lift table or a custom solution, we are ready to help. To learn more about our table options or request a quote, contact us today. Our team is standing by to help you find the ideal solution for your material handling needs.