How Lift Tables Can Improve Pallet Handling Systems

When you hear people talking about their pallet handling systems, lift tables don’t necessarily come to mind. More often than not, you probably think about forklift and forklift operators. However, a lift table can actually do a lot more for your pallet system than you think. Here are 3 reasons to introduce a lift table into your pallet handling system.

1. Limited Forklift Options

If you have limited forklift options, you may want to consider introducing a lift table to your pallet handling system. A lift table would be in a fixed spot right next to your pallet conveyor in order to lift the pallet up to/down from the conveyor. Valuable time can be wasted just waiting around for that forklift to be available. You shouldn’t have to wait around for 30 minutes just to offload a pallet from the conveyor. A lift table will always be there to do the job.

2. Forklift Accidents Are Common

Forklift accidents are actually very common, with multiple fatal accidents every year. If there’s a lot of traffic around your pallet handling system, a lift table could significantly reduce the number of accidents in the workplace. Operator errors happen all the time. Sometimes they are minor, but other times can be very serious. A forklift is crucial in many different facilities, but it may be time to consider reducing or eliminating that risk.

3. Lift Tables Are Cheaper

Lift tables are much cheaper upfront than¬†forklifts. They also have very minimal maintenance requirements. You should always do regular maintenance on all your workplace equipment, but lift tables are just easier to maintain than forklifts. They also reduce the stand by time at the end of assembly lines. It’s inefficient to have workers standing around waiting for an operator to offload a pallet from their station. It’s much more efficient to have them do the offloading themselves with a lift table.

There are many things to consider about your specific pallet handling system before you switch to using a lift table for offloading. However, if you feel that something like a battery powered lift table is the right option for you, contact us today. The experts at Lange-Lift are happy to answer any question or concerns about how you could implement a lift table into your pallet systems.