A hydraulic lift table may be extremely beneficial to promote the lessening of repetitive motion, workplace injuries, and back problems, and in increasing safety. Table lifts are often seen in warehouses, however, there are many uses for the lifts in manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution facilities. Lift table equipment can help increase overall efficiency and can provide relief to employees that are tasked with moving heavy objects. A hydraulic table lift helps get the job done and may decrease workplace fatigue, but also can be used for many specialized tasks. 

Loading and Unloading Equipment

When it comes to loading or unloading extremely heavy materials from trucks, or when you need to raise large objects into warehouse storage, a hydraulic lift table can be helpful. Scissor lift tables can be useful in material handling, as they increase and decrease height to raise and lower from the truck bed or warehouse shelves. The hydraulic system makes the loading and unloading process go smoothly while relieving your workers from taking on the stress of moving heavy equipment by hand. 

Moving Heavy Machinery

Hydraulic lift tables are durable and made to last. Whether they are manual lifts, battery or airlifts, electric lifts, or custom-made, they are designed to handle heavy loads. They can lift and position very heavy machinery, equipment, and other large objects in factories, warehouses, construction sites, remodeling and major construction projects, and more. The table lift provides a stable platform, which decreases the chance of employee accidents. 

Lange Lift Has the Hydraulic Table Lift You Need

If using a hydraulic table lift would benefit your business operations and increase your efficiency, Lange Lift is here for you. We are happy to answer any possible questions you have on choosing the best option for your industry. Contact us today to take the first step in promoting your worker’s safety, increasing your efficiency, and improving access in your business.