A hydraulic lift table is prominently featured and relied upon in many industries, including railroad, automotive, aerospace, plastics, electronics, paper, and manufacturing. If your business is a part of one of these industries or serves similar functions, it is a good idea to learn a bit about hydraulic lift tables and how they might benefit your operations. 

Improve Safety & Productivity

Adding hydraulic lift tables to your business’s operations can greatly promote safety and productivity. When used properly, which is easy to do, hydraulic lift tables promote the reduction of general accidents and worker injuries commonly associated with manufacturing industries. They do this by carrying the heaviest loads in the workplace setting, which allows workers to:

  • Operate at an ergonomic working height.
  • Avoid attempting to hoist materials that are too heavy to be lifted safely by hand.
  • And to avoid overhead lifting that can result in acute and chronic injuries. 

With this increased safety comes increased productivity. Featuring a lift table in your manufacturing or other industrial setting often allows for the presence of just one worker where you might otherwise need two or more for lifting and transportation requirements. Decreased need for manpower frees up workers to focus on other tasks and can thereby lead to a reduction in production costs.  

Reduce Inventory Loss

Across many industries exists the reality of inventory loss due to damage in production or transit. Similarly to how they improve safety and productivity, hydraulic lift tables can reduce inventory losses due to accidents and mishandling. By removing many opportunities for workers to drop or otherwise harm materials during production or shipping, you also remove the most significant opportunities for inventory damage that most frequently leads to lost revenue. This is the most direct way that hydraulic lift tables can positively affect your business in terms of its bottom line. 

Increase Ability to Work Away From a Power Supply

There are a variety of industries and applications that require machinery support for lifting and other production processes but are not able to rely on an electrical supply to power the machinery. Two examples are construction areas and manufacturing processes that feature spray booths

Sometimes there is no electrical supply available for this aspect of construction, particularly in outdoor settings. But that is no problem with battery powered lift tables that can simply be charged in advance of an on-site project and then operated free of a power outlet or generator.     

Additionally, hydraulic lift tables can be used in environments that are combustible. When it comes to spray booths, it is important to keep the area clear of any electrical currents that could negatively interact with the liquids and high-pressure present during the spraying process. Air powered hydraulic lift tables offer a perfect solution because they can be safely inside the spray booth, mounting a product or item, with no need for an electrical supply in order to function.   

Lange Lift Has The Hydraulic Lift Tables You Need 

If one of these positive changes associated with adding a hydraulic lift table to your business operations sounds appealing to you, or if you have further questions, Lange Lift is here to support you. We are happy to answer any questions you have on choosing the best solution for your industry and business operations. Contact us today to take the first step in ensuring your workers’ safety, securing your revenue, and improving access in power-free environments.