The Midwest and East Coast of the United States are no strangers to harsh winters. In the 1950s, Anthony Lange & his engineers worked with manufacturers of truck bodies, primarily for the Dairy Industry, for a lifting solution that could better hold up to the climate. Our home state of Wisconsin, and surrounding states like Iowa & Illinois, and all along the East Coast, all had a need for such lifts. They came up with a new product called a Lange Lift Dor-Way, which they sold as a standard production product.  Today, we still serve this industry on an intentionally smaller scale, and on a custom basis. In Body Lift Gates assist delivery drivers in moving cargo from the floor of their delivery truck to the street level from an enclosed position. Today, we have two different lift gates that are installed into side and rear of the truck body during the manufacture of the truck body, which can be custom sized as needed. This enclosed lift design helps better protect the operator, the product, and the cargo from the elements.

Capacities range from 1,000 to 5,000 pounds.

Serial #30465-67

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